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Please note that the opening times listed here are intended as a guide to availability. During quiet periods (usually daytimes), the office / reception may not be manned. If this is the case when you call, please leave a message and we will endeavour to call you back and deal with your enquiry as soon as possible. Alternatively, please email


Farm Factory Limited staff endeavour to open up a minimum 5 minutes before the first booking of the day. If you arrive early and there are already rehearsals in progress / the facility is already open, you will be permitted to load in early. This is subject to your room being clear / available and is at the discretion of the studio manager on duty.


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Seven Rehearsal Studios

All our Rehearsal Studios are equipped with a P.A. system and Vocal Microphones.

Studios 1 to 5 are identical in size and layout, each equipped with a vocal P.A.

Studio 6 is the largest room, with softer / dryer acoustics than studios 1 - 5,
equipped with a larger P.A., used frequently for Record Company / Management Showcases.

Studio 7 is the smallest and the dryest sounding studio, acoustically designed for recording

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  • Recording Studio
    A brief description on the recording equipment available:

    • Separated Sound Treated Control & Live Room
    • 27" Imac with Cubase 6.5, 7, 7.5 or Logic 9.18
    • More plug ins than I can possibly list
    • Motu 896 mkIII Hybrid Interface - USB & Firewire
    • Focurite Octopre II Dynamic Mic Preamp
    • Eve 307 Studio Monitors
    • KRK Studio Monitors
    • Mackie Big Knob Studio Control Box
    • Samson S Phone 4 Headphone Amplifier
    • HP 24" Monitor Screen (2nd screen)
    • AKG Headphones
    • Microphones: Rode K2, Shure SM57s, Shure Beta 52A, AKG D112, AKG D40 Tom Mics, AKG 414, AKG 214s, AKG C1000s, Lewitt Drum Mics, SE-X1
    • Quiklok Z600 Workstation
    • Drum Mic Clips, Mic Stands
    • Assortment of Wiring Looms, Digital Cables, Patch Cables
    • Comfy Sofas!

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Studio Equipment Hire
Drum kits, Guitar Combos, Heads and Cabs, Bass amps and Cabs, Guitars & Bass Guitars are available to hire for the duration of your rehearsal.
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Spares On Sale
We keep a comprehensive range of guitar and bass strings, electric, acoustic, twelve string and singles. Also we stock Pro-Mark drum sticks, spare Remo snare heads, Bass drum skin Holes 4" and 6", many different plectrums, ear plugs, batteries etc etc.

Refreshments - A wide range of refridgerated drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate bars and crisps.