14 Aug

Preparing for recording
So you have some songs and want to get them recorded, hiring a studio and an engineer for a day can be expensive so to get the most from your session here are a few things to consider before stepping into the studio:

Know your music.
The best way to do this is to rehearse with your band. Make sure each member knows exactly what they are playing, and can play it on their own if necessary.

Know how you want to record and plan accordingly.
A little research or talking to the engineer beforehand can save a lot of time in the studio. You should know how you want your songs to be recorded.
For example; do you want to record together as a band, or individually and layer the performance? Will the drummer play to a click or a guide track? Will you need time to add overdubs? How many songs do you want to record in the session?

Remember that a 5 minute song can take hours to record and having a plan can make the session run a lot smoother.

Know what to bring with you and make sure it works.
Don’t assume the studio has a particular plug-in or a guitar amp you can use. Know what you will need for the session and make sure it works. Re-string guitars, replace the drumheads and make sure you know how to setup and operate your equipment.

Preparation is key to creating a great sounding recording. Hopefully this has given you some idea of what you need to do before entering the recording studio. There is plenty more information out there that can help to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Good luck!

 A few final thoughts: Remember to listen while you are in the studio, you know your music, so you know when it doesn’t sound right. Catching a mistake while in the studio is much easier to fix then finding it after everyone has gone home. Finally, don’t forget to tune up!

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