Live / Rehearsal Recording at Farm Factory Studios

Here at Farm Factory Studios, we have recently brought back our popular live recording service. This consists of up to 8 channel simultaneous recording through our digital interface, recorded into Logic Pro 9.
At the end of the session you can take away a CD of the recording or if you are taking away the stems to work on later, or mix yourself, a USB stick or external hard drive will be required so we can drop the Logic session or stems onto it (depending on if you are using Logic or another DAW at home).


Live / Rehearsal recordings can be a great tool for any band. Maybe you need to send venues a demo CD? Or you need some good quality Live takes on your social media?
A Live / Rehearsal recording is a great way to achieve this.
They can be used as a reference recording to see how you sound with some clarity, which is usually not possible if you have recorded onto a mobile phone etc. Some bands use it for pre-production purposes, before they go into the studio to record properly and others as just a record of the session or for fun.

Click here to listen to some examples on our Sound Cloud page:


Rehearsal recordings will take place in room 2, where you and your band will setup as normal for a rehearsal. Our engineer will then come in and place microphones around the room in suitable places to capture the best sound. A quick test to check levels, and you are good to go.
The engineer will press record and leave the session running until you want to stop. Because of the nature of the recording you will be unable to correct parts or record overdubs as this is purely designed to capture a live session.


At the end of the session, we will either then burn the audio to a disc (which is unedited), or give you the session files so you can mix the audio yourself. A separate mixing service is available if required.


Our Live / Rehearsal recording is available on Mondays (daytime and evening), Wednesday (evenings), Friday (evenings), Sunday (daytime).


Using Farm Factory Studios Live Recording service is a cheaper option than booking a session in the studio (along with an engineer). Prices for live recording vary depending on requirements and the length of the session .

To find out more send us an email or call us on 01707 392030